Puerto Rico needs aid NOW!

Puerto Rico needs change NOW!

Puerto Rico needs autonomy NOW!

Racism, colonialism, and capitalism continue conspiring to rob the island of its future. Hurricane María has made undeniable the colonial fault line affecting the lives of all Puerto Ricans.
If there has ever been a time, it is now that we need to raise our voices and demand our rights be upheld. We need new solutions for the island that we and our families call home.
We propose to use this page of the NOW! Journal as a platform for critiques, demands, and insights into PR’s past, present, and future. What do we need to imagine, enact, change, and destroy to bring about a future where Puerto Rico not only survives but thrives?
This is an open access project, we encourage you to submit your own videos, GIFs, or writings.
- Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa & Patricia Alvarez Astacio
Please write us at: baschult@ucsc.edu or palvarez@brandeis.edu