What’s happening in Standing Rock is a bold new articulation of the exact ideas of third and imperfect cinema. They are using new tools to make expressive things that are intervening in the struggle in a direct and material way. They occupy a position not just of a political avant-garde (ironically, by defending tradition and the earth) but also of a cultural avant-garde. They are propelling the medium forward, showing eloquence, while blending material, and technological innovation to completely out maneuver the corporate media. Because the struggle directs us to the unmistakable fact that the election won’t resolve this crisis in any way. And the struggle to save the earth will be the primary struggle of our time. The system makes it impossible both to vote for a viable candidate and support the actions of the Water Protectors. No vote exists to protect the earth. The Black Snake is bi-partisan. Meanwhile, films that simultaneously captivate, grip, inform, and prompt action are the highest forms of art.